PHASED (Signed)

This paranormal fiction work is geared towards young adults and is sure to give you a fresh perspective on the way werewolves have ever been approached in this genre.


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Forest trees flashed past, sunlight growing brighter and brighter until it became white walls. Val roared, her wrists burning in the restraints – 

According to the Department of Domestication and Assimilation, Val and Lyla Blackwood are the most dangerous kind of werewolves. Raised in the wild, their Trueblood heritage is an undesirable trait, one that could keep them in a cell for the rest of their lives, subject to experiments. Now, their freedom depends on their ability to become something else, thrown into an assimilation school with humans and werewolves who have never known what it means to be wild. Trapped in a world where they don’t belong and fighting to stay one step ahead of the horrific past that chases them, any wrong move could have deadly consequences. 


About the book: Phased is a paranormal novel geared towards young adults. The main characters, Val and Lyla, attend a private high school designed to aid werewolves in acclimating to human society. Themes include mental health, coming of age, love, and urban fantasy.

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Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 1 in


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